#58 – Allianz NFL Round 6 and Antrim, Derry & Donegal Hurling

March 27, 2015 at 12:09 am

On today’s show we preview the following fixtures

NFL Division 1: Dublin v Derry
NFL Division 1: Donegal v Tyrone
NFL Division 1: Mayo v Cork
NFL Division 1: Kerry v Monaghan
NFL Division 2: Cavan v Westmeath
NFL Division 3: Armagh v Louth
NFL Division 3: Wexford v Fermanagh
NFL Division 4: Antrim v Wicklow
NHL Division 1B Playoff: Laois v Antrim

We also chat about Donegal and Derry’s progress in the Hurling League.

The show is hosted by GAA Scores’ Conor Donnelly, alongside Ronan Scott and Niall McCoy.

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